Roberto Coin Collection


“Roberto Coin makes everything in 18-karat gold as ultra-high-end jewelry. They are finished really well. This is one of their new tennis bracelets. It is not your standard tennis bracelet. Usually, you cannot see a lot of the metal on them. They did this piece really nicely.

Roberto Coin creates jewelry like stretchy bracelets, so you don’t need your husband to help you put it on. They create paperclip-style bracelets and necklaces. 

This is one of their new styles called Almond Link. This is probably my favorite piece in the entire line. The design is absolutely beautiful because of the latticework. This was not just stamped out and made. This truly took time to assemble and, and made perfect.

I wish I had 10 pairs of these to sell this year because I know that they’ll sell before Christmas. But these are amazing. I mean, it’s your traditional inside-outside hoop, but done in such a stylish way.

Their biggest line right now is called Roberto Coin: Love in Verona. This piece, in particular, has colored sapphires all set in it. These are diamonds right here. It is also reversible, so you can wear it with the stones or without the stones. They do it in all diamonds. They do a whole large variety of jewelry.”

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