Roberto Coin Medallions

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Roberto Coin Jewelry Gold Rings and Necklace

Juhas and Sullivan, Roberto Coin’s exclusive retailer in West Michigan invite you to browses their extensive collection of fine Italian crafted 18K and diamond jewelry. Roberto Coin is known as the quintessential Italian fine jeweler since 1977. Creator of sophistication, blending modernity and tradition, every single design is created with absolute freedom to magnify beauty and personality. Visit »

A. Jaffe Maps Jewelry

Juhas and Sullivan and A Jaffe Maps offers a real custom piece of jewelry to commemorate where you met, your happy place, or any special place you can imagine. Stop in today and check out the possibilities. Visit »

Masoloni Pearl Jewelry Earrings Necklace and Ring

Welcome to the world of Mastoloni fine pearl jewelry. Since 1920 Mastoloni is one of the most trusted and respected pearl-industry veterans. Juhas and Sullivan welcomes you to discover Mastoloni. Visit »

Honora Silver Earrings

With our Honora Pearl collection Juhas and Sullivan offers great gift giving fashion silver and pearl jewelry. Like pearls, no two people are alike, and we believe our individuality is the best part of ourselves! This inner glow is something we all already have; all you need to do is find it!  Honora offer true contemporary fashion at an incredibly affordable price. Visit »

Vahan Bracelets

What is it that makes VAHAN unique and luxurious?  What is the secret that has helped VAHAN endure for 50 years?  Well it’s no secret; it is design, quality, and comfort. The designs are polished and timeless. VAHAN’s collections of stacked bracelets complement the natural beauty and style of today’s woman.  Visit »

William and Henry Men's Bracelet

William Henry is an American brand creating timeless personal style for men through unique accessories crafted with honor and integrity. The brand earned its fame for creating exclusive and award-winning pocket knives, and transforming the archetype of all tools into a superb piece of functional jewelry for men. Visit »

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